The PhosphexTM System provides unrivalled dissolved phosphorous and metals treatment performance that is cost effective and that requires a low maintenance effort for a wide range of wastewater treatment applications.

  • Unrivalled versatility - can be used to simultaneously treat a wide range of wastewater contaminants:
    • Removal of 97% or more of dissolved phosphorous (as phosphates)
    • Destruction of water borne pathogens, bacteria & viruses (e.g. E-coli, etc)
    • Removal of many dissolved contaminants including arsenic, mercury, uranium and others
  • Maximum installation flexibility (pre-fabricated tanks, large lined excavations, permeable reactive barriers)
  • Passive (under natural gravitational) or moderately active (pumping) modes of operation depending on the type of application

Many sources of nutrient and other contamination continuously enters our streams, rivers and groundwater aquifers as a direct consequence of an ever expanding growth of urbanized development and large scale agricultural activity. In particular, phosphorous nutrient contamination often results in excess algae bloom growth and to eventual lake eutrophication which negatively impacts on the ability of aquatic life to survive. The source of most phosphorous contamination is from stormwater management practices, domestic septic tank treatment systems, municipal wastewater treatment systems and from agricultural activity. As a consequence of this problematic situation, in many phosphorous impacted regions, the plans for future residential or commercial land development has been significantly curtailed due to the necessity to comply with ever more stringent government regulations controlling the amount of phosphorous loading entering our waterways.

Phosphate Removal

The newly developed PhosphexTM treatment system represents best-of-breed technology that can cost-effectively reduce dissolved phosphorous concentrations by 97% (or more) over a wide range of potential applications. Although primarily targeted at phosphorous nutrient treatment, the PhosphexTM technology also treats undesirable bacteria, viruses and pathogens (e.g. E-coli) and a variety of other contaminants including arsenic, mercury, uranium and others. Compared to other commercially available technologies or combinations of other technologies required to attain equivalent PhosphexTM treatment performance, the PhosphexTM technology is a low-cost versatile, passive reactive system that in most instances does not require any maintenance for many years after the installation.

The proprietary patented PhosphexTM technology is backed up by over ten years of ongoing research and performance validation by researchers at the University of Waterloo (Waterloo, Ont., Canada)